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CreativeExecs® by Cella


Drilling Down on Org Design

You won’t want to miss this virtual CreativeExecs Roundtable as we drill down on the frameworks that support our organizations’ operating models and org structures—which for many of us have changed across the past month. Prior to the virtual event, attendees will complete a brief pre-event questionnaire so that they may participate in the discussion (and glean valuable takeaways), sharing details about their group’s org. chart, technology, funding models, services, performance metrics, current challenges (both COVID and non-COVID), and the like.

Don’t worry. There won’t be grades, just give-and-take suggestions, lessons learned, validations of what’s right and warnings about wrong turns. This will be an invigorating opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse into your peers’ best practices especially as it relates to the current state of work. That’s right, copying will be encouraged. Join us for this enlightening discussion. The roundtable will be moderated by one of our expert Cella consultants.

Who should attend?

This virtual Roundtable will be a rewarding experience for leaders of in-house creative, marketing and digital teams. Participants must complete the pre-event questionnaire in order to attend this complimentary event. To ensure the most relevant and beneficial discussion for all involved, attendance is limited to approximately 20 leaders who directly manage a creative staff and budget for in-house group(s) within midsize or large organizations.

In the Roundtable, participants will discuss:
  • What is your current operating model and org chart?
  • Have you experienced a reduction in force related to the current economic situation?
  • How has volume been impacted?
  • Is your organizational structure supporting or hindering remote working? 
  • Are you missing key roles on your team, and are any misaligned?
  • Which technologies can you not live without and which ones do you need to invest in?
  • Has remote working highlighted areas of need in your technologies?
  • If we had to work remote forever, what would team development look like?

NOTE: Participants will receive an email with their pre-event questionnaire within one week of their event registration.