We recently announced some big news here at Cella—the appointment of Rob Ganjon as our Chief Executive Officer. But, Rob’s not new to Cella. Since 2018, he has served as our Chief Operating Officer and has been making some significant contributions from leading our Cella 2020 rebrand and consolidation of our companies to investing in new technologies and processes that have helped enable and maintain our growth. 

When most of us think of Rob, we think of three things: (1) a great leader and communicator who shoots straight, (2) fun and informative company town halls, and (3) Clemson pajamas. (That’s a story for another day).

I interviewed Rob so that our clients, talent, partners and company friends could get to know him better. Below are the highlights!

Get to Know Rob!

What’s been your favorite part of working for Cella so far?
"The people and our culture. It’s really a special place to work and has certainly been my career favorite. I think the world of Terra and Conor, and they have really become close friends and mentors to me. They’ve done an amazing job growing and leading the company, and we’re happy that they will remain on the Board as advisors as we continue on our journey of growth and industry leadership."

How would you describe the current culture at Cella and the company’s future aspirations?
"The culture is fun and collaborative. Our leaders have been fantastic at sustaining it through the virtual situation brought on by COVID-19. They engaged people through active chat groups, exercise teams, plank challenges, craft events and even Pictionary games. I’m really proud of our team and how they’ve risen to the challenges. Of course there’s always more to be accomplished. I’ll continue to encourage our leaders to keep an eye on performance, push themselves to take more risks, give more autonomy to their teams, and focus on the issues and actions that really matter. And, of course, to keep having fun."

We all know you are a voracious reader. What’s your favorite book?
"Wow. That’s a tough one. I am currently reading No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, a biography of Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises by him, and a John Grisham guilty-pleasure novel. My favorite business book of all time has to be Good to Great by Jim Collins."

Where do you do your best thinking? 
"I moved to Colorado because I am obsessed with the mountains and just being outdoors. I do my best thinking when I’m outside walking the dog, hiking or skiing. It brings clarity and focus for me."

Where do you think the industry is headed in 2021?
"Of course, COVID-19 fast tracked a digital transition that was already long in the making, but we continue to see more momentum toward, in and around digital. We’re in the middle of this with our clients, helping them make sure they’re positioned properly and getting the right people and skills on their teams. Cella is in the perfect position to assist them as they rethink and redesign their digital approach and processes—and also find that superstar talent to achieve their desired outcomes. By the way, I would be remiss not to mention that our annual In-House Creative Industry Webinar and Report just launched, and will have lots more information in regards to the state of our industry."

As the new CEO, what message do you have for current and future clients of Cella?
"We’re here for you and will partner closely with you as your creative, marketing and digital needs continue to transform. Whether you’re looking for marketing, digital or creative talent, guidance on operational changes or process improvements, or need us to help staff and/or manage a team for you, we want Cella to be the first call you make. We have the right people, we understand our clients and we deliver results for your business. That truly is what makes us different."

And how about the talent we work with? 
"I would want them to know that Cella is a great place to build a career. We are a strong company that works with many of the world’s leading brands, so we are going to have great opportunities for you. We specialize in creative, marketing and digital, so we understand exactly what you do. And we’re going to work hard to find the best fit for you. It’s in our DNA."

What do you do in your spare time?
"I love spending time with my three kids whether it’s skiing, hiking or just hanging out. Travel is also a passion of mine. I’m currently planning a trip to Tokyo (postponed from last summer) and continuing my journey of running through the world with a group of friends. Next, we’re going to head out on a riverboat trip from Budapest to Munich, stopping every day to run 5-10 miles and take in the local culture. The last stop is Oktoberfest! It’s a great way to see the world."

What plans do you have for Cella moving forward?
"We’re coming out of our best year in the company’s history, with double-digit growth on the top and bottom line. My goal for Cella is to continue on this trajectory until we become the number one creative, marketing, and digital staffing provider in the country. And, we also intend to keep generating awareness for the huge value and returns that companies can realize from our consulting and managed solutions offerings as they evolve, restructure and grow their creative, marketing and digital groups. We have major success stories with the largest of the Fortune 500, and we see demand really escalating for this area of the business as well." 

We love when you pull out a quote in meetings, coaching sessions or conversations. What’s your favorite?
"Yes, I’m a big fan of useful quotes, heuristics and mental models. I have so many favorites, but one that comes to mind is Emerson’s, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” It’s important in business to have conviction, but also to be open to change as new facts and ideas are presented. We cannot be afraid of change or taking risks—but rather be willing to embrace it. " 

I hope this has shared a little insight into Rob and why we’re so excited to announce him as our CEO. 

You can read more in the press release.