2020 Digital Marketing Operations Benchmarking Insights

Digital Resources, Process and Technology

For a decade we have surveyed the in-house creative community and decided to bring that same rigor of operational benchmarking to digital marketing. We conducted a recent survey on the state of digital marketing among in-house agencies and are excited to share the results with you!

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Digital’s share of total marketing spend was already skyrocketing, but the pandemic had a major impact on both its trajectory and workload. Digital teams have met the challenges head-on, and there’s more growth ahead. Our survey gleaned some interesting highlights:

  • 90% say that remote working has led to equal or greater productivity

  • 70% of digital teams report higher work volumes due to shifts in marketing priorities 

  • More than 50% listed social media and content marketing as the two primary channels where they have refocused efforts

Digital teams continue to be a vital and growing importance to a company's success because of their cost-efficiency, speed and brand knowledge. Engaging the right people with the rights skills is imperative in the months and years ahead.

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