Bring Agility In-House. Hire Embedded Creative, Marketing and Digital Teams.

Extend your department’s power with a nimble and flexible Embedded Team. Cella’s teams are a one-stop-shop for the industry’s top creative, content, marketing, digital and tech experts. We work remotely or on-site, fully integrated into your department — hired, developed and managed by us. Cella enables the world’s most renowned brands to get great work done fast. And we’re passionate about making it happen for you.

Types of Teams Managed by Cella
  • Account Services
  • Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Copy & Content Writing
  • Creative Development
  • Editing, Proofreading and QC
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing and Creative Technology
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Video and Photography Production
  • Web Development

Ready to build your dream team?

We’re ready to connect you with the creative, marketing and digital experts that you need.

Why Choose an Embedded Team?

Flexible teams of experts for the short or long-term…built for you, managed by Cella.

  • Speed

    For faster time to market driven by rapid access to talent

  • Organizational Flexibility

    Because the team you need today isn’t the team you’ll need tomorrow

  • Talent Development

    From career planning and personal improvement to training, mentoring and recognition

  • Cost Competitive

    Proven cost avoidance compared to outside agency pricing

  • Institutional Knowledge

    We understand your brand as only those who work exclusively for that brand are able to do 

  • Transparency

    Working within your ecosystem, with full clarity of operations

  • Co-employment Risk Reduction

    Made possible by Cella employees reporting to Cella employees

Case Studies

Large Healthcare Provider


Our client acquired a new brand which required that hundreds of thousands of assets needed to be rebranded to meet FDA requirements within a finite period of time.


Instead of outsourcing the massive rebranding project to an external agency, our client enlisted Cella to manage and staff a team of project managers, production artists and proofreaders to be 100% dedicated to the rebranding effort with the goal of disbanding once complete.


Through Cella’s embedded teams model, our client was able to maintain complete control of their brand and the rebranding process and accomplish the work in an efficient manner through dedicated resources that expanded and contracted to match the ebbs and flows of unpredictable workflows. Our model saved the client between $2-$3 million dollars compared to outsourcing the work. The team currently has eight core team members and flexes up to 40 people as needed.

Multinational Retailer


This client’s talent quality and talent management expectations were not being met by their MSP (managed staffing provider). Because the client was restricted from hiring full-time employees due to a hiring freeze, contingent labor grew as a percentage of their in-house agency. This created a number of new challenges:

  • High turnover due to term limits leading to loss of institutional knowledge and a high investment in recruiting and onboarding
  • Lack of active management against a sizable portion of their team, which led to a lack of development and low retention

Through an embedded Cella team, our client was able to structure their in-house agency to include a missing and needed management layer to lead the management, development, and retention of non-employee team members.


Our client’s in-house agency was able to retain creative and operational control of their creative process and tactics, while relying on an embedded partner to support the execution of their vision. This enabled our client to:

  • Control the expression of their brand
  • Attract and retain higher-level talent leading to higher quality outputs
  • Retain non-employee staff longer
  • Gain access to new talent more quickly
  • Easily flex their team size to meet changing demand

Cella’s initial embedded team was so successful that the model was rolled out to an additional four functional areas within the first 12 months including Social, Photography, Operations, CGI and Account Management.

Fortune 500 Retailer


Our client was not satisfied with the quality of work it was receiving from their two social media agency partners. The work was costly and oftentimes needed to be edited or re-done. Our client did not have the capacity to support the work internally, nor the ability to hire staff to support the work.


Our client was able to gain control of the work by partnering with Cella to establish an embedded social media team which functions as an on-site agency of record and partner to the client.


Our client’s in-house agency was able to gain creative control of their social media tactics, while relying on an embedded partner, Cella, to support the execution of their vision. This enabled client to:

  • More closely direct and manage the expression of their brand
  • More efficiently spend their social media budget
  • Easily flex their team size to meet changing demand

“Cella’s people have been in the trenches. They know in-house creative very well and truly understand the operational side of the business.”

- Executive at a global media and entertainment brand with 500+ million digital users

“We’ve created high-performing teams thanks to Cella. They listen to our needs and find the right talent for the job. They care when it feels like no one else does.”

- Creative leader, global management-support firm for educational institutions in metro Philadelphia

“Cella delivered an operational model driven by leadership, structure, metrics and fact-based decision making—one that transformed and expanded our creative services.”

- In-House Agency Leader at a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company

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