Our Story: The New Cella

Sometimes, change is a good thing. Actually, change can be an incredible thing. Especially when change helps us better serve you. That’s the story of how Cella became, well, Cella.

Introducing the New Cella

BLR Holdings, the BOSS Group, Proposal Development Consultants and Cella Consulting have always been on the same team, but we realized we can make a more powerful impact and better help our customers with all of our capabilities housed under one roof. So, we took a page out of our own books, and began strategizing our evolution to become one united entity.

Say hello to Cella.

Our new name comes from Latin and means “innermost sanctum” or “inner core.” A fitting name that reflects our belief that creative, digital and marketing teams live at the heart, or “core,” of their organizations. To our current clients and talent, the only changes you’ll see are improvements in our capabilities. Otherwise, you can expect the same service excellence and our dedication to deliver great work and the right people to help you succeed.

And that’s just the beginning. Passion comes from the heart, and we’ve got a lot of it.
If you’re not already working with us, let’s connect. You’ll see how we put passion to work!

Our Story: Building a legacy by listening to our customers

Since day one, we’ve been passionate about working with people. From the talent we serve to the clients we partner with.

We have always been on the cutting edge of listening to clients and being attentive to the market, because we are driven by the desire to create opportunities for people who love working with us.

Our History


Our story begins in 1985 with our ambitious founders, Rossi Bonugli and Linda Wein, who were on the leading edge of the Mac revolution. They started a company called Great Time Graphics where they designed, produced and sold the original “poster map.”


Soon after, Nicklas Associates Arts was born, a graphic design company that focused on creating newsletters, brochures, type composition, and layout work. Over the next several years, our client base grew and grew based on the quality of the work produced as well as the above and beyond customer service that Rossi and Linda provided.


In the late 80s through the early 90s we branded Mac Temps (your place or ours concept), and also branded Back Office Support Services (or BOSS), where we still, today, do project-type graphic design and production work for our clients.


In 1996, Bonugli and Wein re-launched and focused solely on becoming a staffing firm exclusively in the design niche. BOSS Temps was born, accompanied by the tagline: “beyond ordinary staffing solutions.”


BOSS Temps expanded outside of the Bethesda market and into the Philadelphia area. We invested in leadership and hired Terra Campbell in 2000 to run both of those markets.


In 2002, the leadership team was expanded to include Conor Smith, and BOSS Temps rebranded to BOSS Staffing. From 2002 to 2007, the company grew geographically and expanded into the New Jersey, Baltimore, and Dallas markets.


To prepare for possible growth and expansion into synergistic verticals, BOSS Staffing was rebranded once again to The BOSS Group in late 2007.


In 2008, Proposal Development Consultants was officially launched to focus solely on staff augmentation in the proposal industry.


Driven by demand from our customers to have access to experts that could help them optimize process, people, technology, we launched Cella Consulting in 2009. We brought on experts and thought leaders in the industry to help in-house creative teams thrive by optimizing businesses with marketing operations consulting and managed in-house services.


BLR Holdings was created as the parent company for our three brands.


A few years later, we became a managed service partner for a Fortune 100 company, and established our first managed in-house agency.


In the Spring of 2020, we brought our four different brands together as Cella. From our fearless founders to our leadership team today, the core of our company remains.


September 2021 Randstad NV, the global leader in the HR services industry, acquired Cella allowing us to leverage our shared scale and experience to reach the next level of our collective aspirations to become the recognized leader and partner of choice in creative, marketing, and digital solutions. 
A Brand United
Our close-knit family of companies are uniting under a single brand that reflects our purpose and passion for helping organizations and talent succeed. Whether you are looking for a creative staffing agency, consulting expertise or a managed in-house agency, get it all in one convenient place: Cella. Putting Passion to Work® is our mission and we can't wait to deliver it to you.