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We know what keeps you up at night – resourcing, innovation, finding the right skill sets, keeping up with market trends and the list goes on. Our team of consultants, thought leaders and talent acquisition experts are dedicated to finding the best solutions that are hyper-personalized to you. We are always looking ahead and developing solutions that help you create meaningful customer experiences, discover technology tools that help you prepare for the future today and find in-demand talent who have the skills that you need most. At Cella, we leverage our expertise to create custom solutions that help your digital, marketing and creative organization meet the moment. Cella’s global talent centers provide custom services that are always on, 24-hours a day, offering full-service project support.

Cella Services


Connecting top-notch digital, marketing and creative talent with companies of all sizes is in our DNA. We pride ourselves on getting it right: matching the right people with the right roles in the right places. 


We consult with in-house agencies, digital, marketing and creative teams to strengthen and expand their abilities through the right people, process, technology and financial management. From thought leadership to professional development, Cella equips leaders and their teams with the tools and resources they need to get ahead and stay ahead.


Our experts build and manage customized solutions for high-profile, global brands. With exceptional in-demand talent (close to home or from around the world), refined structure and stellar management, ours is a one-stop, cost-saving solution.

2023 Creative & Marketing In-House Industry Report

See what 300+ creative and marketing leaders said about the future of the in-house industry.

The Cella Trifecta

We'll be the best part of your day.

“Cella’s people have been in the trenches. They know in-house creative very well and truly understand the operational side of the business.”

- Executive at a global media and entertainment brand with 500+ million digital users

“We’ve created high-performing teams thanks to Cella. They listen to our needs and find the right talent for the job. They care when it feels like no one else does.”

- Creative leader, global management-support firm for educational institutions in metro Philadelphia

“Cella delivered an operational model driven by leadership, structure, metrics and fact-based decision making—one that transformed and expanded our creative services.”

- In-House Agency Leader at a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company

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