Cella's Perspectives Blog is typically reserved as a resource for senior in-house creative leaders, though Cella does contribute to other communications geared at the more general in-house creative audience. Specifically, we contribute to HOW's InHouse Designer Blog. The full blog is a great resource for you and your team members. Below are links and overviews of a few of Cella's contributions you may wish to read and/or recommend to a team member.

  • The Importance of Charisma and Passion in Leaders
    There are a lot of qualities you look for when hiring managers--functional expertise, strategic thinking skills, a knack and interest for developing people, leadership qualities. Ensuring the managers on your team have charisma and passion is a key part of the evaluation process.
  • Golden Handcuffs: Avoiding the Pitfalls of an Unusually High Salary
    Main Point: Unless you like what you are doing, change your situation before you make too much that changing your situation becomes too difficult leaving you unhappy
  • Annual Performance Reviews: Don't Skimp on Self-Assessment
    Main Point: Help your manager be your advocate; invest an appropriate amount of time and effort in writing your self-assessment--it's your career.
  • Getting Promoted--what's driving the desire?
    For some it's money, for others it's a title, credibility, or a desire to create a greater impact. Understanding what's driving the desire to be promoted helps managers and their direct reports identify how to move forward.
  • "The Whoa Proposition"
    Most creative teams have a policy of not saying "no," which is most often interpreted as saying "yes" to everything. Learn to say "whoa" instead.
  • Looking Beyond the Portfolio and Resume
    In-house designers and other team members can't simply be rock-star designers/writers/editors. They have to be a more complete package to be successful in the in-house environment.
  • Being Comfortable in a World of Gray
    It's interesting how designers, and really all creatives, are said to be comfortable with subjectivity and working within undefined parameters, predominantly right-brained traits. But I've found through countless conversations with creatives that they LOVE rules.