This blog is the second part in our AI series focusing on getting started with AI operations for enterprises. You can read the first installment of the series here.

AI Council

Without oversight, the desire to experiment with new innovations like generative AI risks compounding issues like shadow IT. Shadow IT refers to situations where business units implement software outside of centralized IT governance.

To mitigate this you need governance and the most critical body for implementing unified AI operations is assembling an AI Council - a diverse team that steers all AI initiatives. The council is responsible for implementing the full AI framework:

  • Managing the implementation of prompt libraries and metadata models

  • Defining project prioritization frameworks

  • Establishing metrics and benchmarks

  • Steering use cases and tools

  • Developing policies and guardrails

  • Monitoring performance and risks

To be most effective, the majority of council members should come from operations groups and include junior stakeholders (fresh minds and ideas) with senior leadership support and buy-in.

With broad input and regular guidance, the AI Council becomes the engine accelerating enterprise adoption - ensuring innovations scale securely while addressing concerns. A thoughtful governance model unlocks transformation.

Use Cases

Straightforward use cases that offer quick productivity wins without high complexity are good places to introduce AI. This allows you to demonstrate value and build internal support before taking on more ambitious initiatives.

I recommend beginning with purpose-built SaaS AI tools that allow you to pilot capabilities before implementing more complex privacy-focused AI technologies, but of course you have to keep corporate security policies in mind.

Focus your early use of AI on assisting human productivity rather than fully replacing workflows. Look for opportunities to leverage AI to generate drafts, variations and iterations that empower people to produce more high-quality work faster.

Some achievable starter use cases include:

Content Creation

Leverage AI writing assistants to draft initial versions of routine content like social media posts, emails, or website/landing page copy. Rather than starting from scratch, marketers can refine pre-generated content that already aligns to brand voice and guidelines.

Use basic content idea generators to create multiple positioning and messaging samples for early ideation. AI can rapidly develop paragraphs or ad copy to jumpstart brainstorming in new campaigns. The key is maintaining human oversight for final approval and refinement. AI handles the execution work while people provide strategic direction.

Graphic Design

Employ AI design tools to quickly generate numerous logo, banner, advertisement or other visual concept variations to accelerate ideation. Rather than slowly mocking up concepts from scratch, let AI instantly produce dozens of editable drafts you can select from and refine. By adding product specs into your prompting approach, you can ensure brand suitability.

Media Optimization

AI can instantly resize and convert large batches of images and video for different platforms, channels and formats. This replaces tedious manual optimization (which no creative professional enjoys performing - creatives want to be creative!)

Use smart cropping algorithms to adjust media for different orientations and aspect ratios. AI can also transcode files to web-friendly codecs and compression specs.

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