Each year within the In-House Creative Industry Benchmarking Report we strive to provide creative leaders with standard industry data to

  • evaluate their operations,
  • compare against industry-best practices, and
  • offer tangible facts and figures to support the evolution of your creative services teams

Across the year creative leaders ask about specific data points, which are not collected in the survey, and when we hear the same request regularly we consider inclusion in the report. To that end this year's survey includes more than 20 new questions. Highlights of these additions and enhancements are listed below.

Global Operations
For the first time this year we've included a section on global operations. You may be interested in understanding how many in-house groups operate worldwide, primary reasons for global operations, how big those teams are, how the various locations operate with one another and the challenges they face.

Leadership Team
Visibility into different groups' leadership structure will present insights to direct report-to-manager ratio, managers' bandwidth to provide development to team members and training budget amounts, to name a few. In addition we will be capturing how many in-house creative services groups have dedicated operational roles such as an Operations or Finance Manager.

As creative leaders there are several challenges faced with the day-to-day operations of your group. Our survey captures the top challenges related to in-house groups' creativeness, operations, talent, career pathing and current and future state service offerings.

We have also enhanced our technology section to capture and provide greater insights on in-house groups' hardware and software, frequency of upgrades, and remote working capabilities.

Agency Partnerships
The agency partnership spectrum continuous to evolve, from the type of agencies in-house groups are selecting to partner with to the specific scope of work identified to be outsourced.

Please help grow this resource for the community and join more than 400 of your peers by participating in this year's In-House Creative Services Industry Survey. Results will be available in April.