Does your in-house agency or creative team want to achieve the powerful benefits of Agile, but face challenges adopting it?

Download our whitepaper for insights about the key factors that will help you position your team for a successful Agile rollout, including:

  • An expert, on-staff change manager to architect and lead the Agile transition
  • Process experts experienced in formal Agile practices and traditional in-house agency workflow, to design and codify your team’s approach, training, optimization and ongoing adoption
  • A hybrid solution that can adapt to the organization by marrying features of Agile with aspects of process-lean systems
  • Customized Agile protocols that supercharge workflows while giving teams the autonomy and ownership to create their best customer-centric work
  • The best project management software to help teams manage processes and communication

Take the first step toward Agile success. Contact Cella to learn more about our AgileStart process.