2022 In-House Creative Industry Report Highlights Growing Stabilization and Sophistication

IHAs Focus on Technology and Emotional Connections as Growth Marketing Expands

May 12, 2022

ROCKVILLE, Md., May 12, 2022 – In-house creative agencies and teams are experiencing a new normal that’s a change for the better, according to the 2022 In-House Creative Industry Report from Cella, a nationwide staffing, consulting and managed solutions firm. Its 12th annual survey found that companies feel a more empathic connection to their employees, while marketers and creatives strive to make their brand’s connections with consumers more emotional and effective. Such touchpoints lie at the heart of Growth Marketing, a rapidly expanding movement designed to influence purchases by finding the right moment to deliver a unique and very meaningful interaction to a specific type of consumer. 

“This emotional connection is something we’re seeing not only in one-to-one marketing, but also everywhere in our workplaces,” said Jackie Schaffer, Senior Vice President, Cella. “Three trends stood out in our survey responses this year. First, the resilience of in-house agencies (IHAs) continues to grow. Leaders are more open to adding FTEs, managed services, contingent talent and more—and they’re also investing in strategic technology. Secondly, IHAs realize technology must work harder for people. Tools should be integrated and purchases should create efficiency—such as dynamic creative optimization (DCO) systems and content calendars that drive mass creation of assets. Third, Growth Marketing is redefining what success looks like for in-house agencies. It adds value that spans Tiers 1, 2 and 3, delivering new iterations of assets in near-real time to convert shoppers into buyers. It’s also resulting in a productive symbiotic relationship between Marketing and Creative; 75% of IHA leaders reported meeting at least monthly with the CMO/Head of Marketing.”

Cella’s annual survey is the benchmarking standard for IHAs and internal creative and marketing teams that want to better understand trends and identify solutions. To produce its 2022 edition, the firm surveyed nearly 300 leaders representing Fortune 500 companies, middle-market organizations and not-for-profits. The respondents contributed information from industries including banking/financial services, consumer products, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, technology and software, travel and hospitality, and others.

Additional survey findings include:

  • Growth Marketing Support: 56% spend at least 10% of their time on it; 11% have integrated a Growth Marketing partner or segment
  • Technology Investment and Adoption: 86% will upgrade their creative technology within 5 years; 37% use a true DAM system (31 different DAMs were named); 87% use a project management tool and report more overall satisfaction with it
  • Process Methodology: 45% use Hybrid (Waterfall + Agile)—up 12% from last year
  • Team Performance and Growth: 44% said remote work had a positive impact on productivity (up 15%); 73% noted an increase in the volume of work (creating no significant differences in quality); 81% plan to hire in 2022
  • Job Contentment: 75% said flexible work schedules boost job satisfaction; 53% are mostly satisfied with jobs
  • Remote Working: 56% still have fully remote operations; just 7% more are in office full time

The full report is available for download here. A webinar, hosted by Jackie Schaffer, Senior Vice President and Sophy Regelous, Vice President and Managing Director, Consulting at Cella, also provides additional analysis and takeaways here.

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