Brand trained professional studio production support all year long

A deep bench is crucial to every team’s success. And we’re proud of the fact that The Bench by Cella® is deep – experienced creatives who are ready to be an extension of your team when you need creative production and design support most.

Dream Team

Creative Production and Design Support

The Bench works alongside your in-house agency to seamlessly develop the creative assets you need. We offer a full complement of creative service options, customized to your brand and voice. We’ll steward your brand as carefully as we do our own. 

The Roster
    Quality checks to make messages shine
    File resizing, versioning and editing for multiple placements
    Words that tell your story beautifully
    Bringing an outline to life
  • UX/UI
    Developing effective and enjoyable customer experiences
    Visual storytelling at its best
    File updates and final file prep for release to printer

Need help solving your production problems? We’re here to help.

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The Value

We get it: The bottom line matters. A lot. Instead of outsourcing (and paying premium agency prices), let The Bench by Cella® elevate your creative production. We’ll be your clutch team who gives 100% to make sure you get the win, every time. 

Clock Management

The Bench knows the importance of pulling together to get the job done, understanding that the clock is ticking. Our team members bring creative expertise and an efficient approach that saves valuable time and frees you to focus on strategic priorities. For us, on time and on budget aren’t just words – they’re how we operate as a team you can trust.


Our expertise.
Customized to what you need.

The Bench provides the high level of expertise that Cella is known for, tailored to specific projects and creative needs, including Tier 2 mid-level specialized services that our clients request, along with Tier 3 standard production work that can be executed without new strategic or creative development.

The Bench by Cella

  • Cost effective Production Solution
  • Extending your headcount & capabilities
  • Minimal commitment 
  • Always at the ready

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