Many in-house agency (IHA) video teams started out mainly supporting internal communications. They produced executive announcements, compliance videos and sales team messages. They were often perceived as a transactional team; a client partner needed a video and the team made the video. Through the years, in-house video teams have been making the transition from order takers to strategic partners.

This next phase of transformation is in the marketing space. As video is becoming a larger piece of more marketing initiatives, now is the moment for the in-house video team model evolution to strategically support marketers. As this shift takes place, here are key questions for your organization to consider:


Let’s first address marketers working with their company’s current in-house video team. The marketer’s first step is to decide the purpose of their video content. Is the content goal rooted in awareness, a call to action, generating leads, all of the above or something else? The next thing to think through, regardless of the marketing goal, is the type of data analysis you want to gain from your videos. It was once a rarity that videos were served in a way in which you could pull meaningful analytics to inform the creators how the intended audience is engaging with video content and how that data may inform future creative development. But today obtaining actionable data from your deliverables is essential. This is the biggest gap between traditional in-house video teams and those transforming for the future.  

Top takeaways: 

  1. Decide the purpose of your videos.  
  2. Meet with the in-house video team to assess the production experience you need.
  3. Serve your videos in a way where you can obtain data on how the videos are helping you reach your goals.

Is your in-house agency properly staffed?


Now let’s address the prospect of building your own video team. If you’ve developed a content strategy and find yourself deciding to produce more videos (even if you’re unsure where to start), the good news is that you have to answer the same question as the above scenario: What is the purpose of the videos you want to create? 

From this answer alone you can start building an in-house video team. And by “team” I mean you can start with one person who covers a few different hybrid responsibilities during your startup phase. (Note: These responsibilities should be reviewed 6 months in to determine if it’s time to peel off some responsibilities into an additional full-time role).  

The key to success in this scenario is to recruit a producer who is experienced in the types of videos you want. It is true that video producers are often able to create a variety of video types, but it’s particularly helpful if you find someone who has experience with the specific kind of video you want produced. This will ensure you have a partner who’s in line with your content strategy. Also, if that strategy includes growth marketing, be sure to seek someone with a growth marketing mindset and experience using data to influence creative development.  

Once you have this key professional in place, start mapping out the video production process and how it can plug in to your current business processes. While some teams skip this step, we’ve found that developing processes from the very beginning will help ensure success by setting clear client expectations and reducing churn with your video team operations. As you start producing projects, be strategic and analytical. Have someone observe and learn what is working, what needs improvement, and what possible innovations you can experiment with so you can continue to evolve the team.    

Top takeaways: 

  1. Decide the purpose of your videos. 
  2. Recruit a producer who has experience producing the types of videos you need to achieve your marketing goals. 
  3. Develop your video operation processes and decide how they plug in to your business operations.

The barrier to start working with an in-house video team is lower than it’s ever been, now’s the time to expand your marketing transformation.

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